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报告题目Attractive Electrode Materials for efficient sodium ion batteries

报 告 人Mr Ismael SAADOUNE


报告地点:ag真人娱乐网站中心校区 唐敖庆楼9楼会议室


  Mr Ismael SAADOUNE was graduated from the University of Bordeaux, France (French PhD, 1992) and the University Cadi Ayyad UCA of Marrakech, Morocco (Moroccan PhD, 1996). These Two PhDs were in Material Science with the specific research topic ‘Active Materials for Lithium and Sodium-ion Batteries’.

  In 2002, He created the Laboratory of Materials and Environmental Chemistry. More than 100 graduate and 40 Master students were hosted in his Lab. 18 PhD Students have been under his supervision, all of them are now involved in the Industry or in research laboratories. He is the principal investigator of 17 national and 15 international research funded projects on Battery Materials. He was involved in two European Master ERASMUS MUNDUS: ‘Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion’ and ‘Functionalized Advanced Materials and Engineering’. Prof I. Saadoune recently received an award from Tokyo University of Science, Japan as a result of his intensive activity on lithium ion batteries and the ‘innovative project award’ from IRESEN. Prof SAADOUNE was invited in many prestigious universities/research centers (Uppsala University, Sweden ; Argonne National Lab., USA ; ICMM Madrid, Spain ..).

  He has authored/co-authored over 150 articles, conference papers, and project reports. He is currently a member of editorial boards for three journals and reviewer of more than 200 research papers. His publications have received more than 3000 citations and his current Hirsch index is h = 22.





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