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  报告题目:From Li-ion Technology to Post-Lithium Systems

  报告人:Prof. Helmut Ehrenberg

Institute for Applied Materials (IAM), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany




Li-ion batteries are at present the best choice of mobile energy sources with respect to high energy and power densities, lifetime, safety and costs simultaneously. Diffraction methods using synchrotron and neutron radiation are extremely powerful methods to reveal structural changes in the underlying electrode materials during cycling under most realistic operation conditions. Neutrons are essential to localize Li-ions reliably and to penetrate cell housing in large commercial cells. Selected examples are shown for oxides, phosphates and thiophosphates as solid electrolytes in Li-ion batteries, where the Li-ion diffusion pathways can be revealed from high-quality neutron diffraction data by Rietveld refinements and Maximum-Entropy Methods. Spatially resolved neutron diffraction can reveal inhomogeneity of the Li-distribution in large cylindrical 18650-type cells. Furthermore, phase formation beyond equilibrium is observed over a broad range of temperatures for the lithiation of graphite .

Costs, availability and sustainability reasons trigger the development of electrochemical energy storage devices beyond lithium. The main driving forces are presented and discussed. Selected examples are shown for Na- and Mg-ion batteries and hybrid batteries with more than one mobile ion in the electrolyte. In such hybrid concepts for example Mg can be plated at the negative electrode, while Li- or Na-ions can be intercalated into positive electrode materials, where Mg-insertion is hindered.

This work contributes to the research performed at CELEST (Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm-Karlsruhe).





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